Advertise on America’s #1 radio food and wine show……Wines Du Jour OR place a banner on this website that receives 850-1,250 unique visitors per day.

The economics of radio advertising sometimes make it useful in reaching small but important groups of prospective customers. So many of radio’s traditional sponsors have moved their ad dollars online that prices for radio commercials have fallen.

Wineries and food establishments have customers that include large corporations. As a matter of fact, everyone listening to radio eats and a great majority of them enjoy wine as well. It turns out that radio offers an economical alternative way of reaching the foodies of America.  Those that enjoy a fine meal and quality products buy at a specialty store or a retail wine shop.

All that is required to get “nearly 100 percent” of the attention of a prospective customer is making “a little noise in a quiet place” like a small radio market. That’s where Wines Du Jour comes in. On the air every week for well over seventeen years broadcasting into all 50 states, in most cable company’s across America and additionally over six internet systems which expands the listening audience to around the world.

We receive emails and meet visitors in Las Vegas that listen to our show in Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, South Africa, just about everywhere. Radio as a medium is particularly well-suited for endorsements. On radio, spoken words can create a brief sense of personal connection with each listener, in a way newer media can’t really match. With Wines Du Jour having an invited guest audience each week and emanating from an upscale restaurant and featuring a specific winery is the perfect match. The audience finds itself connected to the food and wine and vast amount of information they hear during the program. “Wine is Food.”

With a weekly invitation to the following weeks Wines Du Jour guests are kept in the know while opt-in email subscribers receive great information. Inside information on restaurants and food establishments, wineries from all around the world and up to date information from his guests each week like restaurant owners, celebrity chefs, winery owners, wine makers, sommeliers and master sommeliers are all part of this popular show. Foodies and wine lovers all want to know more about what they love. That’s why it makes sense to advertise on radio.

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