Chef Spotlight

Chef Spotlight

Les: Who or what inspired you to become a Chef?

Chef Ruben: Just working in a kitchen at a steakhouse a long time ago “lol” while attending college just to earn a pay check took some guidance from the Chef at that time and the whole atmosphere of the kitchen and to be able to work with food it felt great, and  to know I had some ability to work with food and putting ingredients and creating recipes I’ve never thought I could and been doing it ever since also working alongside with several Chefs of different backgrounds, during my food travels, like French, Italian, and Mexican.

Les: If you hadn’t followed your passion for cooking what profession would you have chosen? 

Chef Ruben: Psychologist and also earning a degree on Social Studies and World History.

Les: What is your favorite kitchen tool you can’t live without?

Chef Ruben: My crew, they are my tool of success.

Les: What is your favorite item to cook at home?

Chef Ruben: Fish and Fruits.

Les: What foreign country would you most like to travel to and experience their cuisine?

Chef Ruben: Italy and Japan.

Les: What is your idea of the perfect meal?

Chef Ruben: Simple and Flavorful.


Recipe from Chef Ruben:

Roasted Garlic, Cauliflower & Wasabi Mash Potatoes